Foundation and Advanced level exams for Training providers

If you are a Training provider and you want to organize own exam (typically after the course): fill Exam request form (see bottom of this page) and send it to ilmoittaudu<at>

NOTE! FiSTB is small organization. Please send the Exam request form at least 3 weeks before required exam date, so that we can organize the exam on wanted day.

Please note the following when requesting the exam:

  • Request must be sent at least 21 days before the exam date.
  • There should be at least 5 candidates in the exam (same for Foundation and Advanced levels).
  • Maximum amount of candidates is 30 for Foundation level and 16 for Advanced level, when the requirements for the room is met (see next bullet).
  • In case number of candidates changes after requesting the exam, you need to inform about it 1 week before the exam date.
  • Bill is sent after the exam is held, payment term is 14 days. Charging is based on amount of candidates in the exam
  • Candidates will enroll to exam via web application. The coordinator will send the application
  • Candidates must have enough desk slot for the exam: space between candidates (shoulders) must be at least 80 cm.